Man Thinks It Time For Girlfriend To Meet His Dead Parents

Following an especially smooth transition from casually dating to a serious relationship, area man Jeremy Kubiak has decided to introduce his girlfriend, Jana Kirke, to his dead parents at the cemetery in which they now reside.

This introduction is not a task Kubiak takes lightly.

“Taking your girlfriend to your parents’ graves is a really big step.” said Kubiak. “This is my first serious relationship since [my parents] died in that boat accident, so I want to do this right.”

Said Kubiak, “When I tell Jana the stories about how the holidays used to be back when they were alive, I know she’ll begin to love them almost as much as I do. And I can’t wait to tell her the corny jokes my dad used to tell! She’s going to think he was hilarious.”

“I’m not worried about my Mom, either,” continued Kubiak. “She always makes a great impression. Especially if I show Jana that picture of Mom in the green dress from my 7th birthday. She’ll see where I get my looks from!”

At press time, Kirk was reportedly wondering why Kubiak requested they meet for a “stiff drink” before the introduction.

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