Student Purchases Grill He Will Use Once Before Winter

Engineering senior Tom Botteon bought a charcoal barbeque on Wednesday that, unbeknownst to him, will only be used once before the first snowfall in November.

“I’m so pumped to try this bad boy out. We can get some brats, have some beers, maybe even invite some girls over,” witnesses overheard Botteon saying as he high-fived his friend. Yet much to Botteon’s chagrin, the $149 grill will reportedly be used only once with his all-male housemates.

Although Botteon plans to contact members of his social circle later this week and even create a Facebook event titled “Grillin’ at the Shack” for September 12, unexpected rain and homework will almost certainly “push the date back a week or so.”

Mark Liang, Botteon’s roommate, has promised to attend the event, yet he remains concerned about both the quality of the food and Botteon’s lack of prudence when it comes to making extraneous purchases. “I don’t think Tom has ever grilled before. But he keeps talking about how excited he is, and how the guy at Home Depot explained this was the best grill for cool college students. I don’t think I have the heart to tell him that we’ll probably never use it. I mean, it’s basically winter already.”

After a final purchase of Bobby Flay’s Grill It! cookbook, Botteon was last seen worrying about how to tell his parents that he charged a collective $149 on their credit card.

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