Tony Romo out to Prove That Last Year Aberration, Has Sights on 8-8 Record

Heading into the 2015 NFL season, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is determined to show the world that last year’s great success was an unexpected accident, one that he does not intend to repeat.

In a league where consistency is coveted, Romo fears that his recklessly impressive performance last season will hurt his job security.

“I always want to be the most average quarterback I can be for this football team, I come into every season with that mindset, and this season is no different,” said Romo. “My coaches and teammates should be able to depend on me to deliver mediocrity, and I certainly let them down last year, but last year was last year, I’m looking to move on.”

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett also commented on the situation, assuring reporters that the entire Dallas Cowboys organization is committed to providing Romo with whatever he needs to win precisely half of his games.

“Tony’s worked hard to have an incredibly ordinary offseason, he’s done absolutely nothing to wow us so far. I’m really proud of the turnaround he’s had thus far, ” said Garrett. “High expectations just lead to disappointment in this business, and Tony’s done a great job of tempering those expectations.”

This season, Romo will look to work his way back into the upper echelon of undeviatingly unremarkable quarterbacks, with the likes of Jay Cutler and Andy Dalton.

“He looks like he’s on his way so far, but it’s a long season, hopefully soon enough he’ll be in the discussion with those elite middle-of the- road quarterbacks,” continued Garrett. “Every franchise wants their own Tom Brady, but we’re perfectly fine with a Drew Bledsoe.”

“Anyone can be unexceptional on one given Sunday, but it takes a special kind of player to be able to string together a number of lackluster performances in a row,” said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. “We’re not really the kind of team that likes to show off, so we like Romo’s style of play.”

Romo and Cowboys kick off the season Sunday, September 13th. Said Garrett, “I’m just hoping we can all get out there and work hard to win a game. But, you know, not too hard.”

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