Wow! Meet the Student Who Has Enough Courage to Challenge Street Preachers on Their Views, and Learn Why He’s Going to Hell

Telling off street preachers is no big deal if you’re Tyler Silva.

Silva is a sophomore at U of M studying Biochem (whew!). But when he was heading over to Iorio’s with his girlfriend to knock back a couple cones last week (uh… I mean, hitting the stacks with textbooks in hand, of course), they walked by a loud man on milk crate saying that gay people were no chill.

Not cool!

And when the man said gay people would burn in Hell, you’d never guess what Tyler did next: he said “No, you’re wrong, dude,” and kept walking, throwing his arm in the air to brush that preacher right off. Amazing, right! Can you believe he told that guy what’s what? Claps for Tyler.

But here’s the deal:

The Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality is absolute and tantamount to its views on murder, adultery, lying, idolatry or premarital sex. Basically, if it’s one of those things, just don’t do it! Leviticus 18:22–23 says, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”

Talk about an uh-oh Spaghetti-O’s for Tyler!

Tyler’s willful ignorance in defiance of his creator and his tacit support for the devil will cast him in the flames of Hell for eternity. Ruh-roh!


Sorry, Tyler! Looks like #TeamGod will be laughing (and praying) all the way to Heaven.

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