“You’ve Lost Me as a Customer,” Says Woman with Inflated Self-Importance

Citing dissatisfactory service, sticky tables, and cold breadsticks, Saginaw woman Jocie Keen promised to “never return” to her local Fazoli’s franchise, apparently believing that her bimonthly order of spaghetti and a medium Coke would be missed.

In a message posted last Thursday to the restaurant’s Facebook page, Keen explained that she was deeply upset with her most recent experience at Fazoli’s. “This was inexcusable!! I ate here last night and had a terrible experience!! I’m sorry to say it, but you’ve lost me as a customer.”

Keen, who seems to actually believe that her message will be read, seriously considered, and acted upon by a Fazoli’s manager, said she was “looking forward” to hearing what would come of her complaint.

Explained Keen, “It’s time they learned a thing or two about customer satisfaction. I’ve been coming to Fazoli’s for years—first the one on Palumbo Drive, but now usually the one on Schaener, especially on Sundays because the traffic isn’t so bad there.”

Keen, somehow under the impression that her history as a Fazoli’s patron would lend her Facebook post more pull among the restaurant’s management, expressed her hope that she and the company would come to a resolution. “No way, I don’t want to stop going there,” she explained. “I just want to be treated like a valued customer.”

When asked for a comment, a representative from Fazoli’s said, “We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for helping us in our commitment to serve America premium quality Italian food, fast, fresh & friendly. We hope to see you back soon for some baked pastas, Submarinos® sandwiches, pizza, entree salads and desserts— along with our unlimited signature garlic breadsticks!”

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