After Lunch, I Wait for Dinner

Hey sweetie! How’s school going? Good to hear! Me? Oh, I just finished cleaning up after lunch. Gosh, did that take a while back when you were a kid—my little guy always made a big mess! It’s easier now, though. Since you stopped coming around, it’s as simple as wiping down my plate and throwing the leftovers in the fridge—leaves me a lot of time to think about supper.

Maybe I’ll fix some cottage cheese tonight. You always used to love that when you visited. Then again, the last time I had cottage cheese, it had been expired for two weeks! Boy was that silly, but Grandma doesn’t go to the grocery store much anymore. No need when it’s just me here. Used to be I’d have to go out on Sunday after service and pick up all types of snacks for you and your sister, but now that you’re off busy with your friends and work, I don’t have to worry much about that, just pick up a few things for myself and head home for lunch.

Or maybe I’ll fry up some bacon for BLTs. Not the fanciest, I know, but they sure are yummy! No reason to go through all that preparation for a nice meal though when it’s just me! Golly, I get tired out just thinking about making food for the whole family, but now that your grandfather’s passed and you all have moved away, I can take it easy.

You know what? I’m looking through the cupboards and I’ve got some of those instant potatoes you like so much, and come to think of it, there’s still some beef out in the freezer. How ’bout you come by and I’ll fix you some open face sandwiches—I know they’re your favorite! Well, maybe next time then?

No, it’s alright! Honestly, it saves me the stress of putting it all together! This way I can just relax for a few hours. Heck, maybe I’ll just eat the leftovers tonight so I can have more time to think about breakfast in the morning.

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