JK Rowling Reveals What Would Have Happened if All the Characters Were Horses

J.K. Rowling has revealed new information on the interactive site Pottermore, detailing Harry Potter’s family heritage, a full history of the Hogwarts houses, as well as what would have happened if all the characters had been horses.

Wrote Rowling, “Well I imagine it would have been very difficult for the characters if they were horses. Perhaps they could not hold wands. They might have to hold them in their horse-mouths, or glue them to the bottom of their hooves. Needless to say, it would have made for an interesting read.”

Rowling continues to add to the Harry Potter universe, often in unexpected ways. Among other recent announcements is an extensive account of Harry, as a horse, attempting to ride a broomstick:

“‘Up!’ The horse would have said, if it had the physical and cognitive capacity for speech. ‘Up!’ it would have said again. The horse attempts to stand on the broomstick, but soon loses interest; it begins eating grass.”

These revelations raise important questions about the wizarding world. Does Horse-Voldemort still not have a nose? Are centaurs 100 percent horse? Is Horse-Dumbledore still gay?

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