A Letter Of Recommendation For An Exceptional Student I Don’t Remember

To Whomever It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of my former student Allen Liu. Although I cannot remember ever interacting with Allen, I am sure he is a nice guy. Allen was apparently in my EECS 280 class, a very large lecture. Also Liu is an Asian name, so I suppose he might be a nice guy and he’s probably from East Asia. Yes, overall, I would say Allen would be a great fit for your company, as he is a very nice Asian guy.

Allen did not cause any emergencies. If my memory serves me correctly, the lecture hall never had to be evacuated all semester. He never vomited from test anxiety; I never received any complaints from the janitorial staff.

Furthermore, Allen signed his email to me “Cheers,” so you can assume he has a relaxed professionalism that would be an asset to your company. Most students sign their emails “Best” or “Best Regards.” Those sorts of emails never sound genuine. I really believed Allen thought I deserved a cold beer. It made me feel special.

He also emailed me to ask a homework question. The problem was admittedly quite difficult, so I do not doubt his intelligence. Rather, I admire his humility, his good sense to ask for help when he needs it. That’s a good trait in a prospective employee, grad student, peace corps member, or whatever.

I think you would be making a grave mistake if you do not hire, admit him. Allen, I assume, is an exceptional student and person.

Professor Anderson

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