Manipulative Girlfriend Not Sad Or Angry, Just Hurt

According to Haber, 'it’s all about trust.'

Local woman Erica Haber was revealed to have mentioned quietly that she’s “not even mad anymore, just disappointed” in the midst of an argument with boyfriend Mark.

The two have been dating since May 2012, with a series of arguments beginning in late 2013. On the front porch of their shared duplex, Haber admitted to being shaken by their most recent argument. According to eyewitness Liam DiSilvio, she was heard demanding, “What can I say to that? I mean what can I even say to that?”

According to eyewitness Liam DiSilvio, the couple were engaging in a civil dispute when “Haber sort of dropped her shoulders and started shaking her head. I overhead her mentioning something about how she wished he understood what a difficult position he was putting her in.”

Mark plans to coax Haber, who at press time is curled in a ball under a blanket on the couch, to communicate with him “in about 5 minutes.” When asked for comment, Haber merely shrugged, later adding “I just think it’s really funny how he really doesn’t have any concern for how I’m feeling. I think of all the time I’ve put into loving him and I’m just really let down. I’m not even mad.”

Haber went on to predict that she will not even feel anything when Mark forgets her birthday in a month, and “that will really be the sad part.”

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