Quirky Description For Facebook Event Masks Reality Of Loud, Sweaty Gathering

According to the event description for “Anna’s 21st Birthday” the night is likely to include “tunez,” “Anna dancing on the kitchen counter,” and “Anna’s best friend, Jose Cuervo,” with no mention of the halfhearted small talk, sweaty underclassmen, or vomiting over the porch railing that typically accompanies house parties.

The event description, written as a collaboration between the guest of honor’s four roommates, disguised the warm jungle juice that is likely to be there with a promise of “Anna’s dancing fuel!” Host Melanie Bancour explained, “Anna is so fun and everyone loves her. We tried to include as many inside jokes as possible in the event description to get all the guests ready to celebrate! We want them to know this isn’t going to be just any house party—we even bought Anna a 21st birthday tiara.”

The party, which is to take place on Saturday “at 10 p.m. sharp” will feature a ’90s-infused playlist and five sticky shot glasses for use by 40 guests.

Said Tara Bator, one of the invitees, “Once I saw that they had posted pictures in the event of the birthday girl in unflattering, candid poses, I knew this party would be more than a bathroom without toilet paper and a drunk host who won’t remember seeing any of her guests.”

Bator added that she was likely to “stop at the party briefly as a pregame” before heading to Rick’s.

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