‘Retweets ≠ Endorsements’ Policy Saves Brian’s Ass


Pughe’s bio reads, “Dad. Foodie. Bibliophile. Dog person.”

After updating his Twitter bio to mention that his retweets do not necessarily indicate endorsements of the ideas they contain, 34-year-old Brian Pughe reportedly “has [his] ass covered” in the event that someone assumes the posts on his Twitter feed are a reasonable reflection of his viewpoints.

“I was on Twitter and saw Brian shared some really charged stuff in his timeline,” said friend Michael Renzetti. “I was starting to think that the posts represented his own opinions, but then I saw his bio. His support for those memes he retweeted about how black people need to pull their pants up was merely imagined. It was all on me. It was my bad.”

“After seeing Brian retweet someone saying that Planned Parenthood supporters were ‘tax-dollar abusing whores,’ I was really annoyed,” said Pughe’s girlfriend Lydia Gershner. “But then he pointed out his retweet policy and I apologized to him for even suggesting that he felt close to the same way.”

Many are left without any clue of how Pughe feels about any particular topic that he shares tweets about. With a following of just over 200, Pughe says he views his Twitter account as less of a representation about how he feels about certain topics and more as a “place to start conversations, especially about how illegals are poisoning our great nation.”

“Twitter is merely a platform for ideas,” explained Pughe. “Any meaning someone derives from me retweeting that Hillary Clinton needs a good smack in the face is just a reflection of their own prejudices.”

At press time, Pughe was screenshotting the “me” section of his Twitter profile after his boss emailed him about discussing his social media activity.


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