Student Attends Live Studio Recording of Blue Review Filming


Audience members were reportedly excited to see Professor Appleton try out some new material.

Reportedly intrigued by the opportunity to see the stars of CTools’ highest-rated show live and in-person, sophomore Gerard Beagle decided to attend a live recording session of his ECON 101 lecture.

“There’s really not much going on, there’s just one camera, ” said Beagle. “The actors really carry the show, without any directing or guidance, ” he continued.

Beagle, who generally watches the Lecture from the comfort of his bed was inspired to attend a live performance by the character Professor Appleton (played by Ann Appleton).

“She was just so method,” claimed Beagle. “Like I couldn’t tell where the acting ended and the living began. I just had to see it in person.”

In particular, Beagle was moved by the scene where Professor Appleton brought GSI Kenneth Reed on stage to demonstrate the concept of Supply and Demand. “I mean the chemistry the actors shared on stage together was tangible,” declared Beagle. “I could really feel those supply and demand curves coming alive.”

Beagle was also pleasantly surprised by the genuineness of the comedic components to the show.

“I always sort of assumed they piped in the laugh track” said Beagle. “But when Professor Appleton hit us with a zinger about how Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen could learn something from her class, the entire audience let out a nose laugh. It was just so refreshing to know the laughs on my laptop weren’t contrived.”

After the stage was cleared and the majority of the studio audience had left, Beagle approached the stars of the show. “They didn’t even break character, it was incredible,” he said. “I tried to ask Kenneth a question and he just told me to come see him in his office hours at some point.”

At press time, Professor Appleton encouraged viewers to engage in a secondscreen viewing experience by reading a document she had posted to CTools, which will be discussed further in the next episode.

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