Area Man’s Pornography Preferences Escalating Toward Just Plain Torture

Following an unsuccessful masturbation session last Wednesday, Ashville, NC man Jeremy Bronson subsequently realized that he could no longer achieve climax without footage of the brute, physical torture of one person by another.

Following a slow progression beginning at the age of twelve, Bronson’s preferred erotica has reportedly evolved steadily from images of lingerie models to more explicit X-rated films.

“I used to steal old Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition magazines from my brother, and soon after I discovered internet porn, which really took things to the next level,” said Bronson. “Just the thought of the female form was enough to get me off.”

Over the last few months Bronson has reportedly experimented with watching ‘BDSM’ videos online, which he claims made it impossible to watch traditional pornography anymore.

“The regular stuff just got so boring, but there was never a dull moment watching dominance videos and public shaming and stuff,” said Bronson. “I always wanted more though. I mean what do you watch next after you’ve seen a guy taze a girl as he fucks her in the ass while she’s chained to a wall?”

Bronson reported that he has be forced to resign to watching videos online that depict nothing but senseless torment and suffering. He told reporters, “Watching sex got so boring. Even with all the bondage and stuff you always knew how it was going to end: a money shot, or a creampie there if it was really dirty.”

“But you never know how these videos end,” Bronson continued. “Sometimes a SWAT team bursts in, sometimes they have to stop to call 9-1-1, and occasionally the video just gets cut off and you’re left wondering if everyone survived.”

Sources claim that the direction Bronson’s tastes have taken is not unique. Said Doctor Preston Brown of Columbia University, “Similar to how we see pubescent boys typically outgrow sneaking peeks at semi-nude images and move towards experimenting with more pornagraphic images and videos, we are starting to see a trend where adult males are abandoning traditional pornography in favor of watching pure torture to elicit a more profound sexual arousal. It tends to start with innocent nipple clamps and ball gags, but can quickly evolve into watching people on the precipice of death getting water boarded.”

Brown concluded, “However we remain quite concerned about where taste in pornography could theoretically escalate to from there.”

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