Tutor Prepares Best Condescending Tone

Said Brady,  'This takes me back to the days I was in Calc 1.'

Sitting alongside a student one year her junior, economics tutor Rebecca Bray was reportedly ready to use her best condescending tone for Monday’s session.

“I am so happy to be able to help students like Ellen who just need a little extra push” said Bray. “It’s so nice Ellen trusted me to guide her through the issues she’s having with her Econ class. College classes can be hard!”

Bray explained that she uses gratuitous explanations and simple language to help Ellen better absorb the material. “We take it at Ellen’s pace,” she said. “So now, Ellen, we see that SUPPLY—see that little number I circled right there?—should obviously equal DEMAND. Remember some of this from last week?”

When asked about other best practices, Bray said that she likes to connect with students by “making [herself] seem relatable.” She explained, “I know Ellen looks at me and wonders how I got where I am today. I explain that I just studied really really hard. And I’m sure to tell her that if I had needed more help, I definitely would have gotten a tutor.”

At press time, Bray was advising Ellen to attend some of her professor’s office hours, as neither of them— especially not Bray—could remember exactly how to solve any problems on Sunday night’s homework. “Yeah, I know, Ellen, this stuff can be really confusing and frustrating,” said Bray. “Even if you’re smart like me.”

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