Scott Walker Takes Job As One of Jeff Dunham’s Puppets


Walker is reportedly used to having his strings pulled.

Following a surprise decision to suspend his campaign for President of the United States, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has reportedly begun a new career as one of the puppets used in performance by ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

“It really was an easy decision to make,” said Walker, who now joins the ranks of Peanut the Woozle, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and José the Jalapeño on a Stick. “I’m a huge fan of Jeff’s work, and we’ve talked a couple of times over the last few years about maybe doing something together. Our schedules finally lined up, and the time just felt right.”

“I think we’re really going to do something special,” Walker added.

Dunham corroborated that his partnership with the former frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2016 was one that he had been eager to be a part of, he said.

“Scott is a terrific performer and I’ve been following him since his first big election in 2010,” Dunham confirmed in a statement released shortly after Walker’s announcement. “He’s such a talented guy. When he took on Tom Barrett in that debate, I was immediately drawn to his witty banter and improv skills. I knew this was a guy I wanted to work with, so I couldn’t be more excited.”

Walker and Dunham announced an East Coast tour for 2016. They will visit major cities like New York, Chicago, and Detroit, where Dunham will feature Walker engaging in dialogue with some of Dunham’s other, better known characters.

“Walker’s really excited to get to know the guys,” Dunham reported. “Especially Achmed the Dead Terrorist. They share such a passion for international policy, not to mention slapstick, and I really think that’s going to be reflected when they’re onstage together.”

With the first two shows already sold out, Walker and Dunham have a lot to look forward to.

“I could see Jeff and I doing this together for a long time,” said Walker. “At least until the next election cycle.

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