Graduating Senior Unsure Whether To Follow Career Aspirations Or College Boyfriend

Trausman, contemplating giving up a promising career for a man whose highest ambition is subscribing to NFL Sunday ticket.

Noting that her boyfriend is “really sweet,” Engineering senior Lynn Trausman confirmed Wednesday she is “torn” between a future as a software engineer in California and a quiet life with her college boyfriend Chad Casler in his hometown.

Trausman currently has a job offer from IBM Corp. to be a software developer at their San Jose, CA office. Alternatively, she is considering moving to Crete, Nebraska to live with her boyfriend and be “closer to Chad’s family.”

“It’s a really tough choice for me,” explained Trausman. “I’m just not sure if a starting salary of $100,000 at one of the world’s most well-respected companies in the sunniest, most beautiful part of the country can compete with true love.”

The couple reportedly met at Rick’s American Café six months ago. Trausman says that the main reason she is having second thoughts about moving to California is because Casler is so “unique and special.”

“He is the sweetest man in the world,” said Trausman. “He takes me on dates, and he even brings me soup when I’m sick. How many men do you know who would do all that for their girlfriends?”

Trausman says Casler is “set” on returning home and landing a job as an accountant, and Trausman is already thinking of what the future might hold for them if she decides to move to Nebraska.

“Implementing machine learning algorithms to integrate data systems in data centers across the world sounds interesting,” said Trausman, “but I heard Crete has a cute little leather jewelry shop that I would love to visit.”

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