Delicate Balance of Spanish 231 Classroom Thrown Into Chaos by 1° Change in Temperature


One student even had to put on his coat.

Only days after the new semester began, students of Spanish 231 section 023 were shocked to discover that the temperature had been moved from a comfortable 72° to an ice-cold 71°.

Instructor Sandra Piñeda was thrown by the change, repeating once again that the room seemed a bit chillier. “It’s colder in here than usual! I don’t understand this building,” she commented. “Sometimes it is not as cold, but right now it is colder than it is at other times. This is ridiculous!”

When asked if it seemed cold in the room by their professor at the beginning of the class, the students nodded in agreement. “It does seem a little cold,” said LSA sophomore Annie Lew. “Maybe we should look at the thermostat, but it’s no big deal. They don’t even work half of the time, anyways.” The rest of the class reportedly agreed that it was no big deal and confirmed that they also don’t think the thermostats work.

However, it quickly became clear that the students would not be able to learn in such an “uncomfortable” atmosphere. One student, LSA freshman Frank Elliott, opened the door to the hallway, prompting the class to agree that the corridor seemed warmer.

According to Piñeda, the temperature of the room was restored to 72° by the next class meeting, though the desks were “all out of formation.”

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