Coworker Can Meet Wednesday, Unless Thursday Is More Convenient

Noting that her schedule was “pretty clear” that day, Director of Marketing Monica Pesci informed colleague Erica Stearns that they could meet on Wednesday to go over an upcoming investment presentation, under the condition that Thursday would not be a more convenient day to meet.

“I checked my calendar and my Wednesday is pretty light this week. Just a meeting at 9:30 and a conference call in the afternoon,” said Pesci. “But I also have some time free after lunch on Thursday, so I don’t want to box [Stearns] into Wednesday if it’s really not the best option.”

Stearns, who assured Pesci that “Wednesday would probably be fine, but the meeting may have to be cut short if it starts any time after 3:00,” shared a similar hesitation to nail down a time and place too quickly.

“I would really value [Pesci’s] feedback on this presentation, so it’s important that we nail down this meeting some time before Monday,” said Stearns. “I know that a lot of little things come up for her towards the end of the week, so I just don’t want to put too much pressure on her to meet when it’s only most convenient for me.”

Pesci, mere moments after the two had finalized a meeting time on Thursday, also made clear to Stearns that “Friday would be okay too, if it was right at 8:00.”

“I don’t have a lot of time on Friday, but if it would work better, I don’t want to totally rule it out,” said Pesci. “I’ve met with [Stearns] on Fridays before, so I didn’t want her to be thinking this Friday morning wouldn’t work for me.”

At press time, Pesci and Stearns were discussing at length whether it would be better to meet somewhere in town, or to stay in the office.

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