Student Sitting in Front Row of Econ 101 Lecture Developing Close Personal Relationship With Professor

Thompson didn’t do the reading last night, but Professor Baldwin 'gets it.'

Fellow students reported that freshman and Ross hopeful Brian Thompson has sat in the front row of his Economics 101 lecture every class so far this semester, which is “paying dividends” for him as he has become Economics professor Donald Baldwin’s “absolutely favorite student.”

“Oh me and Don are boys,” Thompson explained. “Not everyone in class is allowed to call him by his first name, but he said I could. I go to his office hours literally all the time just to chill.”

Thompson is hoping that his visible dedication and “unique” bond with Baldwin will help him during the Ross application process.

“Thompson is really going for it,” Baldwin said of his top student. “He emails me every night with some sort of question about the course, and he interrupts class in the middle of every powerpoint slide to ‘make sure he’s understanding the material correctly.’”

Optimistic about his situation, Thompson believes that at this point he “might as well be a shoo-in” for Ross admissions.

“With all the positives around me right now, it’s hard to see myself getting knocked down from here. With my boy Donny B on my side I can’t imagine shit not going my way,” stated Thompson.

Professor Baldwin is also optimistic about his student’s future.

“I’d say Thompson has a real shot at this,” said Baldwin. “I mean, he keeps asking me if I can email Stephen Ross personally, but I continue to remind him it doesn’t work that way.”

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