Student Weighs Benefits Of Going Ice Skating With Student Org He Only Marginally Involved With

Claiming he did not want to feel “awkward” or “out of place” during the Saturday K-grams sponsored trip to Yost Ice Arena, sophomore Robert Brode weighed the pros and cons of attending the afternoon outing.

Brode has reportedly been fretting over the trip to Yost ever since K-grams president Raj Pellman announced the trip via email.

“I filled out the Doodle Raj sent out a week ago, but I’m still not sure if I want to go or not,” said Brode. “I just don’t know anyone else that well, but I will feel bad if they think I’m coming and then I don’t show up.”

Brode, who is planning on running for a K-grams executive board position at the end of the semester, reportedly claimed that if he were to go ice skating, he would primarily use it as an opportunity to network with some of the K-grams leadership.

“I like ice skating and all, but it would be really great if I could use the trip to make some connections with the E-board members and hopefully make a good impression,” said Brode. “But it would probably just be worse if I seemed over-eager and clingy.”

Sources report that Brode’s main concern will be what other K-grams members think of him if he joins them in an afternoon low-stakes socializing.

“I don’t want to seem anti-social by not going,” said Brode. “I already don’t know anyone that well and I don’t want them to assume that I think I’m too cool for K-grams.”

“But what if I go and I can’t skate fast enough to keep up with a group of kids and I just look stupid?” Brode continued. “That would be even worse.”

Sources report that it is unlikely that fellow K-grams members would even notice whether Brode chose to attend the social event or not.

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