Sick Friend Calls Bluff, Actually Asks for Something

In a “completely unexpected turn of events,” area woman Katie Rosander was required to take action when her sick friend took her up on her offer to “let her know if she needed anything.”

Explaining that she had never expected her friend Jennifer to actually accept her offer, Rosander was taken aback when her friend requested that she “run a couple of errands” for her.

“I was just trying to be polite,” Rosander told reporters. “But as soon as I heard her pause and say ‘You know what…’ I knew that I’d made a big mistake.”

Rosander maintained that the gesture was made merely to adhere to friendly formalities and social norms, and did not reflect any real desire to help her ailing friend.

“That’s just what you’re supposed to say, right? I mean, who does that?” said Rosander, still “reeling” from her friend’s exploitation of her empty generosity.

She continued, “My whole afternoon was wasted. I was planning on relaxing and catching up on some shows, but instead I had to go out to pick up soup, orange juice, and some cough medicine. Since when does having a cold make you incapable of driving to CVS?”

At press time, Rosander was also regretting telling her neighbor that he should “feel free to take a dip in the pool anytime.”

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