Signs of Liquid Water Spotted In California


Experts are analyzing whether further expeditions are worth the money.

In what many are calling a triumph of science, the National Weather Service declared last month that signs of liquid water have been spotted in California.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Walter Dawson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “Of course we’ve thought for a long time that maybe the state of California had water running through it, but we haven’t had evidence this strong until now.”

“Heck, we’ve even danced with the possibility that there may be life out there,” added Dawson.

While scientists are reportedly excited by the findings, government officials caution the general public against attempts to populate the desert region off the Pacific Coast.

“We’re not saying humanity will be able to up and move to California any time soon,” said US Department of Agriculture Biologist Heidi Morris. “Right now, the arid conditions in the region would make it nearly inhospitable for human beings.”

Morris also added that an abundance of smog would make atmospheric conditions “almost unbreathable.”

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