Guy In Women’s Studies Class Upset He Hasn’t Been Unfairly Attacked Yet

McAllister was at least expecting a call-out for his microaggressions.

Following a Women’s Studies lecture in which the professor devoted much of the class time to exploring the early history of the feminist movement, sources confirmed that freshman Bobby McAllister, one of five male students enrolled in the class, has been vocally upset that no one has unfairly criticized him for his male status at any point during the course.

“It just doesn’t make sense!” McAllister said. “How am I going to defend myself for being a man if nobody brings it up? No one in the class seems threatened by me at all!”

“We’re already halfway through the semester and I still haven’t heard about my privilege once,” McAllister added.

Admitting that the opportunity to defend himself and his male brothers was one of the big reasons for his signing up for the course in the first place, McAllister claims that he had no idea that his attendance would be met with such indifference. “It’s like they don’t even mind that I’m there,” McAllister continued. “What do I have to do around here to get someone to attack me for my complicity in institutional sexism so I can explain why I’m not complicit?”

When asked for their opinions on McAllister, several girls responded with, “He seems fine.”

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