You’ll Never Believe How You’re Going To Die Tomorrow On The Corner of State and South U. at 3pm

It’s crazy, we know.

But it’s also true. Tomorrow, sometime not long after 12:00 p.m., you are going to die at the intersection of State St. and South University. We know what you’re thinking“Um…what?” Crazy, right?

And, not only are you going to die, you are going to be deadforever. Total mindfuck, isn’t it? Oh and if you were wondering, your killer won’t be anyone you expect eitherNot a friend. Not a classmate. Tomorrow you are going to die at the hands of someone you’ve never even met before. Yikes!

So how is he going to do it? Baseball bat to the back of the head? Asphyxiation by purse strap? You wouldn’t be far offbut, what if we told you it’s not going to be a “he” at all.

Talk about hard to believe!

And with good reason! That last part is actually not true, your killer will be a personyou really think you’re special enough to be taken out by a lightening strike or something?

Keep dreaming!

Though it will occur tomorrow four hours before 7pm where State meets South University, you’re death will be wholly unremarkable. Bummer!

The good news? You’ll get to see your murderer! That’s right, you’ll look her (spoiler!) right in the eyes as your hands go numb, your chest aches with each fleeting breath, and your vision blurs before fading to an all encompassing darkness. Nice!

So rest upyou got a big day ahead of you!

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