Jill Just Happy Breakup Coincided With Adele Releasing New Album

Winters said she listened to “Hello” upwards of 25 times the day the relationship ended.

Despite still feeling “lost” after a recent split with long-term boyfriend Avery Billups, 23-year-old Jill Winters is happy that her breakup at least coincided with the release of Adele’s new album 25, sources confirm.

“After Avery broke things off, I didn’t know how I’d do it—go to work, tell my friends, make it through the holidays alone,” said Winters. “But then I turned on the radio on my way to yoga and everything changed. Avery was gone, Adele was back, and I found strength.”

In an attempt to begin the healing process after the breakup, Winters has undergone a nightly routine where she takes a bubble bath, drinks two-thirds of a bottle of White Zinfandel, and listens to 25 “at least once through.”

“In hindsight, it was a probably the best time Avery could have left,” said Winters. “I’ve really wanted to go back to school, and also, it had been three whole years since Adele had released any new music.”

When asked about how the new album changed her outlook, Winters responded, “I think I had a hard time parsing through all of my feelings. It’s hard to move forward without really realizing what you’re feeling. Luckily, Adele knows exactly how I feel,” adding that 25 made her feel immense solidarity with Adele.

“I’m going to get through this. So will Adele. I’m going to make it to the other side of this breakup,” affirmed Winters. “And when I am finally ready to get back into the dating game, I will be lucky to have Bieber’s new album to be my new personal soundtrack.”

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