You’re Welcome!

The end of the term is quite the stressful time. I knew that you might be cheered up by my jazz rendition of Drake’s new hit “Hotline Bling.” You’re welcome.

You’re probably studying to be an engineer or a doctor; I see you engaged with your books in complete concentration. I’m just glad that I could use my artistic talents to better your studying atmosphere. You know, they say infants that listen to Beethoven have increased intelligence. I think you might also benefit from listening to a classical instrument while you cram for finals.

If you’re lucky, my roommate Eddy might accompany me on ukulele. It’s possible you’ve heard his raw rendition of “Over the Rainbow”—It’s an absolute hit on floor four. He’s already come up with an accompaniment part for my “Hotline Bling” interpretation. I always say, “Every popular hip-hop song needs jazz dissonance and an amateur ukuleleist.”

Really, I can’t take all the credit for the improvement of this lobby. Someone in building management had the brilliant idea to move the piano from a soundproof room in the basement to the open air of the main floor. The acoustics are wonderful. I don’t think you could really escape the music, even if you tried.

Hey, want to sing along with me? This could be really magical. No need to thank me—I love bringing joy to the busy lives of others.

Please note that while I love admirers, I try to keep complete concentration while performing. I will be available for pictures around midnight.

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