Recruiter Frantically Googles ‘Questions To Ask During Interviews’ Before Meeting Applicant

Steinman (pictured) said he hoped Golac didn’t notice his sweaty palms.

After determining the knot on his tie was “good enough,” sources confirmed Friday that college recruiter Michael Steinman paced around the waiting area outside of the Career Center interview rooms frantically Googling “smart questions to ask during job interviews” before meeting with the first applicant.

“This is the first interview I’ve led and I didn’t really have a lot of time to practice,” said Steinman. “None of my roommates were home to help me go through a practice run, so I’m just going to have to wing it.”

After welcoming applicant Andrea Golac into his office, Steinman reportedly asked her how her day was before moving the piece of gum he forgot he was chewing into his side of his cheek with his tongue.

“I started out strong by asking her about why we should hire her, but I accidentally slipped up midway through and asked her about a time she didn’t face adversity,” said Steinman. “I just wanted to die right there. I hope the applicant girl wasn’t judging too hard. Thankfully I was a little more natural from then on out.”

“Michael’s credentials were pretty solid, but his composure could definitely use some work,” said Golac. “He seemed to forget that interviews should be more of a conversation instead of him just asking me questions just nonstop, but I didn’t really hold that against him.”

After the interview, Steinman reportedly set a “post interview vibes” Snapchat story before texting friends how that was the last time he would eat a burrito before a “big boy job interview.”

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