Report: UHS Still Vigilant for Ebola, Nothing Else

“Have you been to West Africa recently?” asked one UHS nurse.

University Health Services (UHS) employees are reportedly still keeping an eye out for any traces of the Ebola virus, and also for nothing else at all.

Visitors to the emergency walk-in clinic said they were pleased to find that the nurses at UHS were concerned about how recently each and every one of them had been to West Africa.

“Even though there were only four documented cases of Ebola ever being diagnosed in the United States, and all of them were well over a year ago, and at least three states away from Michigan, it’s great to know that I can count on UHS to take extra precaution with the disease, since I can’t count on them for anything else,” said junior Martin Hathaway.

“I came in a few weeks ago complaining about strep throat, and even though they said that
they couldn’t see me for a month, they were still really concerned about my possible exposure to the Ebola virus.”

Dr. Robert Winfield, Michigan’s Chief Health Officer and director of UHS, said he is proud of the University’s commitment to prevent the spread of the virus. “We’ve worked very hard to ensure none of our staff contracts the virus. In fact, we are purposefully and constantly understaffed. We also try not to admit too many patients, because our clinic is small and the virus could spread quickly. The fewer people we employee and treat, the smaller the chance someone gets Ebola.”

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