Friend Who Suggests Going to Strip Club Only Joking if You’re Joking

McDonald said he “wasn’t serious” about snorting cocaine, unless his friends “know a guy.”

LSA sophomore Adam McDonald reported Friday that he is totally kidding about “checking out some freakishly large yet somehow perky titties,” at Deja Vu in Ypsilanti, “unless you’re into that kind of thing.”

Witnesses say that McDonald has brought up going to a strip club several times since someone jokingly suggested it in a GroupMe conversation last weekend. He has since continued with the gag, even googling directions to “the Vu” and explaining to his friends that it would only be a “15 minute drive at most.”

“I mean, that would be so hilarious, right?” said McDonald. “If we just went to a strip club and bought a couple of lap dances as a joke! We could do coke off their asses and make it rain to make it even funnier.”

McDonald has stressed to several of his friends that he’s not actually serious about going to the strip club, which he says “has great deals almost every night and girls that would probably jerk you off if you tip them enough.”

“I was just playing around,” said McDonald, tucking a stack of singles in his pocket. “Unless you guys are serious, because then I would totally be down.”

Reports say that after several mentions of the strip club idea, Joe Murray, McDonald’s roommate, replied firmly that he had no desire to go, a position that McDonald allegedly agreed to as well.

“Yeah totally, me neither,” said McDonald. “It’s fun to joke about, but who would actually want to go to a bar filled with cheap drinks and hot naked women who will do whatever you want for five bucks?”

At press time, McDonald was considering going to the strip club alone.

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