Study Group Achieves Snapchat Fame at Expense of Passing Exam Grade

They went on to get hundreds of views and two screenshots.

After nailing their elaborate routine on the 19th take, a group of classmates were featured on Snapchat’s campus story for a full 10 seconds as well as were “completely blindsided” by their ECON 101 final.

The students had originally met at Mosher-Jordan Hall to review together for the exam, but got distracted early on when one of them thought of something that would “definitely make Our Campus Story.”

“We wanted everyone to know that being serious about your grades doesn’t mean you can’t get a little silly too!” said Amy Lynn, who ultimately received a 56 on the examination. “We thought a miniature comedic sketch would help both us and other U of M students recharge during finals week.”

“We plotted out a basic script, memorized the lines with flashcards, and even created some mnemonic devices to help remember things,” said Elizabeth Dillard, who was the one who had suggested she and her two friends stop studying and try to take a spot on the campus story. “Unfortunately, timing our rolling chairs’ spinning with the male a cappella chorus posed some unforeseen challenges, and we had to work even harder to get it right.”

“Despite how long it took to make, it was all worth it when I got texts from friends saying they saw our faces about halfway through the story,” said Rebecca Barnes, whose low grade on the ECON 101 final will ultimately throw her chances of getting into Ross. “It was gone within 24 hours, but it’s nice thinking I made a difference in the quality of someone’s day.”

At press time, Barnes was uploading a couple of outtakes to Facebook, as well as checking whether retaking a class replaces grades on transcripts.

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