Taco Bell Announces Shift to Cage Free Eggs, Real Meat

The eggs will also come from real chickens.

After public pressure for fast food chains to reform their environmental ethics, Taco Bell recently announced its plans to incorporate eggs from free-range chickens, as well as actual animal meat, into their breakfast menu by December of 2016.

“It’s important to our consumers that we recognize the quality and ethical difference between caged and cage-free animals,” said Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol. “Additionally, we want to offer the highest quality food for our customers, so we’re committed to transition to one hundred percent real chicken and beef within the next year.”

Taco Bell isn’t the only chain to announce new efforts to improve animal welfare. McDonald’s announced its commitment to serving cage-free eggs this September. However, Taco Bell is so far the only chain to announce its commitment to serving meat that only comes from organisms that could be classified taxonomically as animals.

“We are committed to serving our customers the highest quality and genetically purest ingredients possible,” said Niccol. “I’m extremely proud of and excited for our corporation right now. We are honoring our tradition of assured quality and incorporating a higher and higher proportion of real meat into our menu.”

Niccol also reported that the company’s new initiatives are likely to spark employment opportunities among responsible, organic farms, as well as with individuals who play a role in raising and farming anything with feathers, fur, or hair.

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