White Yelp Reviewer Lauds Local Ethnic Restaurant For Authenticity

Claiming that its food is “unmatched” by all other Thai restaurants in the area, and “perhaps the entire state of Michigan,” white Yelp reviewer Heather-Marie Jacobs lauded a local Thai restaurant for its authenticity last Tuesday.

Granting the restaurant a perfect five stars, Jacobs prefaced her review, “I have had my fair share of Pad Thai, and it is safe to say that this stuff is the real deal!”

The review, which consists of six paragraphs and four supplementary photos, was packed with useful tips regarding the menu.

“Everything is great, but stick to the classics—they make a great fried rice!” reads the review. “Also, in my opinion, Thai food isn’t meant to be eaten with chopsticks, and these people get it! They provide standard utensils unless you ask otherwise.”

Jacobs, whose profile picture on the website is a beagle wearing a reindeer costume, assured readers of her vast experience in Thai cuisine, writing “My relationship to Thai cuisine goes way back… :) I went to college in rural Wisconsin, and every Friday I would order from the only Thai takeout place in town. I still remember what I would get exactly: Chicken Pad Thai, medium spice. Yum! Since then I have had Thai food in multiple places, including Farmington Hills and Southfield. So I like to think I know a thing or two about good Thai cuisine.”

“While I love all Thai food, restaurants sometimes make certain dishes TOO spicy. I personally prefer medium spice in my Pad Thai, and this place hits the nail right on the head!” continued Jacobs. “All the flavors are on point and the heat level is exactly where is should be! The dish remains very true to authentic Thai cuisine.”

With over 200 reviews, Jacobs has developed a vast Yelp profile that covers a range of ethnic restaurants. At press time, Jacobs was publishing a harsh two-star review of an Ann Arbor Korean barbecue restaurant, complaining, “Boo! No good.”

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