6 Pictures of Statues with Fat Asses

They say booty is in the eye of the beholder. But we’re pretty sure we can all agree, these “pieces” are all fine art.

 1. Whoa, that’s a fat ass. I like that. It’s got a good amount of muscle, but still seems bouncy enough that you can have fun with it.


 2. Here’s a statue of a dude named Maximus. Gluteus Maximus, that is. I’d be staring at those ripped triceps if it wasn’t for that ridiculous booty.


 3. I wonder what they’re doing. Whatever it is, it’s hot as shit. The way those fat butts are grinding against each other? Damn.


4. That’s a pretty cool sword he’s got there. But it’s got nothing on dat cake.


5. Whatchu looking for, girl? If it’s that fat ass of yours, it’s behind you. And let me tell you, it’s gorgeous.


6. Multiple booties!


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