7 Pictures That Totally Seem To Be Moving If You’re As High As I Am

Whoa. Check this out. If you’re nearly as zooted as I am right now, these 7 pics are going to blow your mind.

1. This picture of Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address may not look like much to some, but if you’ve got some of that sweet, sweet angel dust that Kenny got from Venezuela, you can sort of see Obama rubbing his thumb and forefinger together like he’s got a piece of Play-Doh or something.


2. Now, I know what most of you are thinking: mountains can’t move! Maybe not if you’re stone cold sober, that is. If your vision is hazy enough, though, it looks like the mountain is waving at the sky like it’s an old friend.


3. Shaquille O’Neal has always been an animated character, but Jesus, with all the shit I’m seeing, Shaquille’s lips slowly pulling back to form a wider, even more joyous smile seems almost normal.


4. Vroom vroom! So what if this fire truck is just parked outside the station? After just a couple tabs of electric Kool-Aid, this baby’s lights are flashing and the whole town is on fire!


5. Although this is an artist’s static rendition of the United States of America and not the real country, with the right stuff in your bloodstream, it isn’t hard to see Virginia walking on over to give Oregon a firm handshake!


6. We all know America is the greatest country in the world. Why, just five minutes after taking LSD, you might notice Kansas and Oklahoma forming a mouth and singing the national anthem. God bless the USA!


7. Shut the fuck up, can’t you see they’re hatching?


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