A Cappella Group’s Inside Jokes Really Give Concert Intimate Feel

Concertgoers said the group “seemed to really get along.”

Last semester’s concert by Slightly Offbeat, a campus a cappella group, was aided by the addition of introductions before each song, most of which were based on inside jokes that were reportedly inaccessible to the audience.

Before performing Wicked’s “Dancing Through Life,” Slightly Offbeat President Sarah O’Connell told the audience, “This one is for Beth. We all know why!” Although the audience did not in fact know why, the group’s members reacted with barely muted snickering.

The song explanations also included more moving tributes, such as “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” which was chosen because “nobody loves Hairspray more than Cassandra.” While several members of the a cappella group were reportedly amused by the statement, a double-entendre which made light of alto singer Cassandra Barnett’s affinity for both the musical Hairspray and Barnett’s affinity for hair product, audience members only provided a few complimentary ‘nose laughs,’ unsure if they should be getting the joke.

Attendant Jeremy Brown said to reporters after the performance, “It was a really good show, and I could tell my friends [in the group] put a lot of work into it. It was a little odd that they kept giggling whenever one of the soloists said the words, ‘four times,’ but I assume that was meant to be part of the act.”

Some in the crowd were inspired by Slightly Offbeat’s rapport and compatibility. “I definitely want to audition next semester,” LSA freshman Daisy Loften said. “The inside jokes in my friend group are always way too accessible.”

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