Ayy, Girl, What That Mouth Do?

Ayy, girl. Don’t think I don’t see you over there doing your thing, because I do. Those are some pretty tight pants you got on there. I like that. I like what you’re about. I think that if you and me were to get together in the back of my ’06 Malibu it would be pretty hot.

You seem like you like it nasty. How about it? You like it nasty, babe? Yeah, I bet you like it nasty. I like it nasty, too. I bet if we were to get together on the loveseat in the living room of my parents’ house we could make it really nasty. You ever taken four-and-a-half inches of passion on a loveseat? You want to?

You got a man? A real man? Because I’ll tell you what, I’m a real man, and I know how to treat a woman. I bet that man you got don’t know how to treat a woman. But I do. If you want, I could show you what I mean in the empty lot behind the Denny’s on the south side of town. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

I like that face you got, too. That’s a pretty hot face. And I want you to know that I don’t say that to just anyone either; I say it exclusively to girls I want to bang. I especially like that mouth you got on that face. That’s a pretty little mouth. Maybe it’d like to do some stuff.

That’s really all I’m trying to get at. I think you, me, and that mouth of yours could make something special.

So all I’m really trying to say to you is: ayy, girl, what that mouth do?

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