Rest In Peace, David Bowie

When I woke up this morning to discover that one of America’s greatest treasures had passed away, I was devastated. I have such fond memories of listening to songs like “Feels So Good,” and “Walk This Way,” throughout my childhood, and Bowie’s amazing music will be definitely missed.

Ziggy Stardust, I’d like to say thank you for all that you and your music has done for me. Your songs have truly touched a generation, and you will be missed by all. I bought an Aerosmith T-shirt at Forever 21 a few years ago, and I’m digging it out of my closet and wearing it to class this week in your honor. By some weird glitch, I don’t have any Bowie songs on my iPod, so the David Bowie Pandora station will have to do as I commemorate the loss of one of America’s greatest talents.

David’s electric vocals, flowing shoulder-length hair, and iconic lightening-bolt-on-the-face thing singled him out as one of the world’s most eclectic and memorable musicians. I never felt more understood than when I was dancing in my living room to incredible albums like Toys in the Attic and Rocks. As I grew older, I never stopped listening to David Bowie’s music, and watched as he became one of my favorite American Idol judges. His kindness and support of those budding singers was just one example of how amazing he was.

So rest in peace, David Bowie. From learning “Sweet Emotion” on the guitar when I was fourteen to bonding with my college roommate over our mutual love of Aerosmith, your music has truly been the soundtrack to my life. Dream on, David. Dream on.


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