Your Feelings Are Valid—Here, Eat a Breadstick

It’s totally normal to feel like this, Marissa. And two years isn’t really that long to still not be over someone—here, just have a breadstick, it’s so good, yum, see?

Please don’t worry about it—no, sweetie, don’t apologize. It’s so good and normal to have these moments, even when they are after six tequila shots. Hey, why don’t you try and take out your contacts real quick?

No, no, don’t say you’re pathetic. I know we’ve been having this conversation after every Skeeps night for the past 24 months, but you’ve grown, Marissa. You’re stronger now. But you do need to take out those contacts; you’ll really hate yourself if you wake up with them in tomorrow.”

Yes, I know you used to wake up next to him and that was really something very intimate and special for you. But like you said last month, you’re totally over him. Of course it’s hard to not miss someone who you used to know so well. Really Marissa, these breadsticks are amazing. They taste especially good with a big glass of water.

He’s definitely not seeing Ali, Marissa. He’s definitely not. But what you’re feeling is normal; it’s easy to jump to those conclusions when you used to be in love with someone. Notice that I am saying “used to be in love” though, because that’s just it—you used to love him and now you don’t. Your life has other focuses now, such as hydration.

Marissa, it’s probably time for you to go to bed. Just sleep, that’s what you need, time to sleep and rest your heart. Don’t ever apologize for your feelings, but really eat the breadstick.

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