New Addition to Carpet Stain Collection Perfectly Complements Apartment Aesthetic

McDougall calls the apartment decor “lived-in.”

Sources report that a new, amorphous wine stain appeared on LSA junior Maria McDougall’s carpet last week, and it has nicely integrated itself into the overall aesthetic of the room.

McDougall has received praise for her design of the living room, notably complemented by the new, dark-burgundy mess on the carpet. Art and Design student Ellen Andrews studied the room, describing it as a “triumph of practicality over the oppressive reins of traditional interior design.”

Examples of McDougall’s commitment to practicality included a pile of empty beer cans placed near the couch “for easy disposal,” as well as keeping overwhelming piles of dirty dishes in the sink “for ease of washing.”

“The wine stain really goes well with the chipped wall paint and filthy couch,” Andrews wrote in an email to McDougall. “Having a stained couch without a complementary floor splotch is just irresponsible. Not to mention tacky.”

Several visitors to the room have asked about McDougall’s inspiration for her slob-chic interior design.

“I have a Pinterest board containing ideas for greasy countertops, dirty floors, and general grime all over the place,” said McDougall. “This wine stain was something I had been planning for months, but thought it was a bit out of reach for my current budget. One day I had some friends over, and Ally spilled Franzia on the carpet. She went to go grab the stain remover, but it was exactly what this room needed to update for 2016.”

At press time, McDougall’s cat was providing a hairball as part of her bedroom renovation plan.

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