5 Ways to Make Your Dorm Cozier With Pictures of My Aunt Gayle

1. Tuck this photo behind your mirror so you can see it every morning when you get ready. You’ll almost be able to hear my Aunt Gayle saying, “I just found a great recipe for Weight Watchers white chicken chili. Only 4 points!”


2. Make copies of this picture and glue them to strips of cardboard to make bookmarks! You can see my Aunt Gayle’s eyes peering out from every book on your shelf.


3. Hang this photo of my Aunt Gayle on the wall above your desk to add some much needed inspiration to your study space.


4. Get this photo screen printed onto a cheap throw pillow and keep it on your bed. These doggies know: there’s nothing like a cuddle with my Aunt Gayle.

Jenni Murray with Butch and Frida

5.  Stick this photo in a DIY frame to make your bedside stand a little more fancy. As my Aunt Gayle would say, do it up big, Kiddo!


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