Girl’s Best Friend Is ‘So Weird’

“Sometimes she talks to me while she’s in the bathroom,” added Miller.

In a statement released on Facebook last Friday evening, LSA sophomore Rachel Miller disclosed that her best friend, Jessica Hayman, is “such a little weirdo.”

“Jessica is so weird,” Miller told reporters. “I mean the other day we were leaving Skeeps, and she says, ‘I don’t think I can make it back to our dorm’ and then she sat down, like right there on the sidewalk! She is such a dork!”

Miller and Hayman, who share a dorm in West Quad, have known each other since welcome week of their freshman year, and have been friends ever since. “If people knew how weird we were together, I don’t think anyone would hang out with us,” said Miller of Hayman. “I mean just the other day we turned off the lights to go to bed and she starts watching YouTube videos of puppies and laughing hysterically! It’s like, ‘Hello! Jess! It is two in the morning!’”

Hayman, whose quirks also include rewearing dirty clothes, singing Beyoncé loudly and poorly in the car, and eating entire Pizza House cheesy breads by herself, has been described as “crazy” by her friends on multiple occasions.

“I mean just look at this picture of her,” Miller said, holding a screenshot of Hayman making a silly face on Snapchat. “I mean who makes that kind of face? And she posted it to her story too! Like people can see that. She’s totally a freak, but she’s my freak!”

At press time Miller had posted the picture of her and Hayman to Instagram with the caption, “Love this weirdo!”

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