George H. W. Bush Reassures Jeb: ‘It Doesn’t Matter If You Win or Lose as Long as You Have Fun’

Bush gives his son a special “double squeeze” on the arm before big events.

In the car ride after picking up his son outside of a Republican presidential debate, former President George H. W. Bush reminded son Jeb that the election process is not really about winning, but rather a matter of having fun.

“Hey buddy, don’t worry so much about the election, okay? ” George said to a somber Jeb. “I know that your brother and I won, but not everyone can win, you know? Just make sure you have fun with it. Now how about some pizza?”

The elder Bush took the time to console Jeb, a Republican Presidential Candidate for the 2016 election, and told him “No matter what happens in the fall, your mother and father will love you the same.”

Jeb, who is currently polling at 4% nationwide, reportedly replied, “I know, Dad. You’re still proud of me though, right? I’m finally like you and Junior, running for president and all,” to which the former president smiled and gave him a pat on the back.

The conversation reportedly took a turn when tears began to roll down Jeb’s cheeks over the actions and words of fellow candidate Donald Trump earlier that night. “He called me a ‘low-energy guy,’ Dad. Why does he have to be so mean?”

George then explained to his son that Trump was trying to bully his way to the White House, but assured him that by no means was it necessary for Jeb to attempt to do the same.

As he pulled into a Pizza Hut, the elder Bush reportedly spotted a Trump limousine in the parking lot, turned the car around and said “Actually Jeb, how about we skip the pizza and go to Dairy Queen instead? I know ice cream’s your favorite.” At press time, Jeb was jumping up and down.

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