Man with a Plan: Meet the First Grader Who’s Going to be a Racecar Driver When He Grows Up

Rev your engines, people! All over the country, college students are graduating with no solid plans for their futures. Without the proper planning, it can be tough to find employment, and even harder to find a position that leaves you with a satisfying sense of purpose. Maybe we could all take a page from this guy’s book: meet Dylan Graham, the elementary school student who’s going to be a racecar driver when he grows up!

The decision came last fall, when Dylan told his mom he wanted to “drive fast like those guys in NASCAR,” a distinct change from his previous considerations of becoming a super spy. Clearly, Dylan knows that a smart man keeps his options open. Despite his previous position, Dylan’s on the fast track to meeting his goals already–this past Halloween, he dressed up like a racecar driver, and according to his parents, he won’t talk about anything else.

Talk about resolve!

In a time when 70% of all Americans report dissatisfaction in their jobs, along comes Dylan, who plans to achieve his dreams without looking back. It’s not every day the majority of the working populace gets shown up by a regular guy who’s got a plan for himself.

Vroom vroom! Sounds like this first grader is going to race right past all of us straight towards his hopes and dreams. Knock ’em dead, Dylan!

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