Plans For Get Together With Old Friends Accidentally Work Out

Nord, far right, reported the four-year-old inside jokes were no longer funny.

To the chagrin of everyone involved, Michigan junior Evan Feenstra’s high school friend group’s plans to hang out over the weekend actually ended up working out, sources confirm.

“Every couple months, me and my friends from Traverse City say that we’re going to meet up somewhere and finally hang out,” said Feenstra. “Usually most of us can come up with something. Homework, usually. But somehow last weekend I literally had nothing going on. I floundered in the group chat for minutes before giving up and saying I was down.”

“Most weekends I have some sporting event or important student org meeting that allows me to tell the guys to have fun without me,” said CMU junior Bobby Faeglen. “And it only takes, like, three of us to back out before the rest of us decide it wouldn’t be worth it. But somehow none of us had any pressing obligations whatsoever, or could even come up with a reasonable lie.”

GVSU’s Thomas Miller initiated the plans, with Faeglen offering to host, reportedly because he was certain that would make the plans falter somehow. Remarkably, none of the seven Traverse City natives could come up with a valid excuse not to make the trip to Mt. Pleasant.

“At the beginning, I was assuming that somebody would have something going on. Tony usually looks pretty busy these days from what I see on Facebook,” said Michigan State junior Connor Nord. “I was pretty taken aback when we actually set an official date and plans.”

“Sadly, it’s not the same as it was back in high school,” said Feenstra. “I haven’t really seen these guys in years. The only time I’ve talked with them is when I say ‘haha yeah for sure’ in the group text whenever someone suggests we meet up.”

At press time, Feenstra was browsing Maize Pages to see if there were any more student organizations to get involved with going forward.

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