Student ‘Totally Knows’ What He Would Do in Event of School Shooting

Anderson said he has been “planning for the worst” for some time now.

Describing his plan of action as “the difference between life and death,” LSA junior Paul Anderson claims to know exactly what he would do in the event of a shooting on campus.

“See, if it was in the Diag, I’d just drop my backpack and rush the guy. I’m pretty quick so I could totally get him by surprise,” Anderson said of his imaginary attacker. “I bet I could pin the sucker down until the cops came.”

Anderson also described possible scenarios in which the attacker draws a knife, as well as how he disarms an assailant as a helpless woman is held at gunpoint.

“If there’s more than one of them I could probably still be able to get them,” Anderson told reporters. “I bet if I was on an adrenaline rush I could take a bullet, maybe even two. And then I would knock one of them out and pick up their gun and the whole dynamic of the situation would change. I’ve never shot a pistol before, but it can’t be that hard—just point and shoot. It’s pretty straightforward.”

Anderson continued, “I don’t think I have it in me to kill anyone, so I’d rather just shoot them in the kneecaps so they can’t get up and hurt anyone. But, you know if it came to it, I’d do what I have to in order to protect my peers.”

Anderson also considered situations where “things just go awry,” stating that all of his lecture halls have lesser used exits near the front and that the room he has his chemistry lab in has plenty of cabinets to hide in.

“I could totally just swing my backpack to break one of this windows in my discussion class in Mason Hall,” Anderson said. “It’s probably a 15 foot drop to the ground below, but if I just tuck and roll, then I’m home free.”

At press time, Anderson was eyeing up a man at C. C. Little whose jacket was definitely large enough to hide a bomb.

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