Man Stuck Saying ‘Thanks’ For Three Doors In A Row

'Thanks,' added Darren.

Mumbling slightly more quietly each time, LSA sophomore Brent Darren felt socially obligated to thank Engineering junior Sarah Howell for holding a door open three separate times within 30 seconds upon entering the CCRB last Thursday.

“It was painful,” Darren said. “There’s that first door to enter the building, then that second one right away. I’m still not sure why they even put that one there. Maybe to stop the cold from coming in or something. You see that sort of thing in a ton of buildings.”

Darren continued, “After those first two doors, I figured I was in the clear. But I was forgetting the third door down that hallway. I had to walk like five feet behind this girl for another 10 seconds and then mumble ‘thank you’ one more time.”

Howell, however, did not find the interaction to be too uncomfortable. “Sure, it may have been a little much, but it’s definitely better than no ‘thank you.’ I guess chivalry isn’t dead after all.”

Darren told reporters that the awkward encounter stayed on his mind the rest of the day. “I was so embarrassed that after the third door, I took a left intentionally just to divert away from her,” Darren said. “There wasn’t even another door the way she was heading, I just needed to space things out for a minute.”

At press time, Darren was considering skipping the gym today in the hopes of avoiding a similar situation.

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