Customer Returning For Second Time Asks For His ‘Usual’

Padgett made a point to not look at the barista’s name tag when he addressed her by name.

Greeting the barista with a friendly wink, second-time Starbucks customer Alex Padgett asked for “my usual,” area sources confirmed.

“I get a lot of repeat customers, even some I’m on a first name basis with,” said barista Jenny Braunstein. “But I only very vaguely recognized that guy from sometime in the last month, and not even necessarily from work.”

Padgett, who was impossible to differentiate from the continual stream of customers, looked quizzically at Braunstein when she asked for a name, before rolling his eyes and saying, “Alex.”

“Jenny is a true master—she knows my tastes better than I do!” said Padgett. “I’m always satisfied when I pop in for a quick cup.”

While the barista fumbled with the various syrup pumps and milks and struggled to think of his previous orders, Padgett shouted “extra hot” over the counter. Seconds later he laughed, and said, “You remember how I like it!”

Braunstein reportedly struggled to come up with what drink to serve to the patron, who had propped an elbow onto the counter as a line built behind him. She decided on a regular latte with a touch of foam, and made it “so blisteringly hot that he wouldn’t be able to drink it for at least half an hour after leaving.”

After she finished preparing the drink, she shouted, “Order for Alex!” Padgett reportedly grabbed the beverage off the counter, winked, and said, “See you again—same time, same place!”

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