Daughter Showing Parents Around New Apartment Like She Wasn’t Just Savagely Fucked In It

Kirschner’s parents missed seeing the apartment at its 'full potential.'

Moments after brushing a pile of condoms back into her bedside table drawer and running one last Lysol wipe over the kitchen table, bathroom vanity, and leather sofa, LSA junior Abigail Kirschner ushered her visiting parents into her new apartment to show them around as if it wasn’t just the sight of a grisly and salacious fuck.

“Mom, Dad, it’s so good to see you guys!” said the Kirschners’ eldest and most recently drilled daughter. “C’mon, let me show you the kitchen. Kelsey just got a Vitamix blender.”

The visibly flushed and sanguine Kirschner proceeded to show her parents around the downtown high-rise that she had recently agreed to sublet, neglecting to mention the fact that her vagina was still chafed and tender from the two-hour fuckfest that took place in the exact 700 square foot two-bedroom in which her parents were currently standing.

“Don’t you love the floor-to-ceiling windows? The view is amazing,” said Kirschner, who had but hours before her parents’ arrival been pinned up against the same floor-to-ceiling windows and pounded repeatedly from behind.

“How is the water pressure?” Mrs. Kirschner reportedly asked as she peeked her head around the bathroom shower curtain, oblivious to the fact that if she had arrived less than 30 minutes earlier, she would have been witness to her daughter’s maniacal screams of pleasure and ecstasy emanating from behind the same shower curtain currently crumpled up in her grip.

Sources confirmed that the family then began to discuss dinner options, but not before seeing how the “decorating in the bedroom was going.”

“I really appreciate you guys helping me out with the new duvet cover. It really ties the room together,” said Kirschner, who deliberately kept her parents at a far enough distance so as to prevent them from spotting the various semen, vaginal fluid, and sweat stains on the bed, which were evidence to the fact that their daughter was repeatedly ravaged there while they drove down from Charlevoix.

“How about Mani? It’s a short walk.” said Kirschner, as her panties saturated at the thought of the wholly erotic and altogether carnal fuck that she would have the second her parents left town.

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