Elton John Only 30,000 Sequins Away From Next World Tour

With the national release of his new album, Wonderful Crazy Night, famed musician Elton John has recently announced plans to embark on an arena tour, for which the dates will be announced as soon as he collects enough sequins to craft his stage outfits.

“It’s quite an exciting time,” said John. “It’s been two years since my last tour, and that’s been a long stretch of time in which I’ve been working hard on new music and amassing tens of thousands of sequins to fit in with the new album’s color scheme.” His efforts were worth it, John explained, as he is “so thrilled to share this new production” with audience members.

With this tour, the performer says he hopes to invest himself more in the cities he will be playing all over the US. According to John, he intends to invite local musicians to join his band for certain songs, and seek out locally produced supplementary sequins at every opportunity.

Said longtime stage manager Tim Mathis, “At this point in Elton’s career, it’s really amazing that he continues to write music and tour for his fans. He could be retired and enjoying his success, but instead he continues to go out every day and collect sequins in black, silver, and sometimes red.”

Continued Mathis, “That’s the life of an artist.”

For his part, John says he feels thankful. “Performing is all I’ve ever wanted to do,” he explained. “I’m just glad I can continue to share my music and publicly wear blazers that allow light to reflect off of me in every direction.”

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