Guy Watching Snapchat Video With Sound Off Getting The Gist Of It

Macmillan said the Snap looked 'pretty silly.'

Noting that the addition of audio would have added very little to the experience, area man Tyler Macmillan watched his friend’s Snapchat video with the sound off and reportedly “generally got what it was going for.”

“My friend Erin sent me a video of our friend Nat cooking or baking or something, and it looked like she was singing,” Macmillan said. “I don’t know which song. I forgot to play it with the sound on. Maybe it was like a kids’ song about cooking, or some current pop hit. I saw all I needed to see, anyways.”

Macmillan explained, “Like, I had the volume on but I forgot to take my phone off silent. I would have had to play it quietly anyway since I was in kind of a public space, but I don’t think I missed out on much.”

Macmillan told reporters that as soon as he figured the video’s “whole deal,” he felt like he could close out of the Snap before it finished, adding that he was mostly happy to get rid of the notification.

“I basically know the deal with Erin and Nat’s Snaps. They’re usually straightforward. No twist endings,” said Macmillan. “It just looked like another one of the roomies goofing around. It wasn’t worth the replay to reevaluate. But maybe Erin also put it on her story and I can see it again later.”

At press time, MacMillan was sending a picture back with the caption “Oh Nat.”

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